Parkview Certifications

Our Management Systems are certified to International and Australian standards. We believe in continuous improvement and are constantly measuring, monitoring, auditing, reviewing and improving all aspects of our Management Systems.

We place emphasis on performance. Our goal is to achieve and maintain the required quality of service and product – on time and within agreed budgets – with minimal impact to the environment, and to minimise risk within the workplace.

Quality Management

The Parkview Quality Management System (QMS) provides the project framework and ensures high-quality standards are met throughout the project.

Environmental Management

We implement strict building practices and policies to ensure that our activities are environmentally sensitive throughout the construction stages and beyond. We take a firm stance on sustainable practices that minimise risk and our impact on the environment.

OH&S Management

At Parkview, the safety of our employees and sub-contractors is paramount. We believe that all safety incidents are preventable and are committed to minimising risk in the workplace.


Parkview is accredited and adheres to the highest possible occupational health and safety standards on Australian building and construction projects.

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