Family culture lives strong at Parkview

A great company culture comes down to one thing: people. At Parkview, our business is our people. Our family values and culture are deeply embedded in the business so that everyone operates with the best interest of our clients and partners at all times.

When I established Parkview, I wanted to create a company that felt like a family, where people felt part of a strong group that had each other’s backs, where they could be their best and still have fun.

No matter how talented or smart you are, you can only work to your best capabilities when you are surrounded by encouraging people and a positive work environment. This is why culture is so important to bring out the best in everyone.

I believe in providing the tools and the autonomy for each person to be successful, creating a strong purpose within the organisation that empowers them.

We spend so much time at work, so a family culture is important to me.

– Tony Touma

Parkview Constructions Pty. Limited ABN 41 078 064 963

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