How we deliver, the Parkview way

We know what it takes to deliver quality. From initial planning and design, to construction and final delivery, and beyond.

Design management process

Our 3-stage Design Management Process of Early Planning, Construction, and Completion and Handover enables us to value-engineer the project; assembling a specialised multidisciplinary team to analyse the requirements, function, processes and costs with a view to finding the best-value design to ensure the smooth delivery of your project – on time and in budget.

Our Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) methodology is based on collaborative learning – starting early sets your project up for success. At the early planning stage, we carry out a thorough risk analysis to reduce the development time and cost whilst still delivering on the specified outcomes.

At the end of construction, a smooth project handover is critical. The transfer of ownership of the project from contractor to client can affect health and safety, reliability, standards of operation and maintenance. At Parkview, we minimise any issues that may arise and ensure a seamless transition.

Parkview’s completion and handover process includes five major components:

  1. Testing
  2. Certification
  3. Manuals
  4. Warranties and access
  5. Client Services

Parkview also conducts its own extensive defect list through detailed site inspections, with all identified defects documented in a master register and tracked until the defects are closed out or resolved.

At Parkview just because we’re finished the build, it doesn’t mean the project is over. We take great pride in our Client Services division and ensure your project is managed with excellence, long after its completion. Our experienced and dedicated team of professionals ensure that your home, office, amenity or facility is of the highest standard long after the paint dries.

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